Pumpkin Spice m&m’s - Target : Deptford, NJ

Sorry for the delay, but here is the written review of the new pumpkin spice m&m’s.(I posted a video review HERE.)

After I saw THIS post over on The Impulsive Buy I went crazy and called 5 different Target stores in the area. Most of them didn’t have this flavor in stock, but I was finally able to track down 2 bags. One was a gift to my boyfriend, and the other was for reviewing.

Design-wise, all of the m&m bags have the same layout with the only differences being the color scheme and featured character. This flavor features the ever-nervous orange m&m with some pumpkins. Nothing fancy, it gets the job done, but the beige background doesn’t help it stand out on the shelves. (Which may be why I was able to grab these two bags, I think a lot of people passed them by thinking they were normal m&m’s with fall colors.)

Why did I go crazy over these m&m’s? Because I am one of those insane pumpkin and pumpkin spice people. Most of you might remember last fall when I reviewed tons of pumpkin items. (I almost made it a full 30 days!)

With that being said, this will be the first official review for Pumpkin Haul 2013!

Let’s get to the actual candy review…

Once I opened the bag there was a very mild spiced aroma, but what I really smelled was chocolate. Milk chocolate. WHY WOULD THE MARS COMPANY MAKE THESE MILK CHOCOLATE? When I first found out about these I assumed that they would use a white chocolate base and mix in the spices, like the Carrot Cake m&m's. They didn't.

I know the bag didn’t say “white chocolate” but I still secretly hoped it was a design flaw.

As you saw in my video, I popped one into my mouth, and there was a very mild hint of pumpkin spice, but it is almost entirely lost in the milk chocolate. I gave the other bag to my boyfriend as a gift, and he agreed that it was almost like eating a normal bag of candy. For the record there is a mild spiciness, but it is more cinnamon than anything else. In the end you are left with a traditional milk chocolate m&m taste in your mouth.

Mars dropped the ball on this one. Pumpkin Spice m&m’s could have been absolutely amazing, especially after the success they had with the carrot cake variety, I have no idea what they were thinking.

While I am happy I got to try these for myself I can’t say I’m anything but disappointed.

What a downer.

On a pumpkin-y scale of 1-5 (5 being extremely pumpkin-y) I would rate this a .5, or maybe even a 0.

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